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Review is an accounting service that provides some assurance as to the reliability of financial information. In a review, a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT (CPA) does not conduct an examination under GENERALLY ACCEPTED AUDITING STANDARDS (GAAS).

Formal document that communicates an independent accountant´s: (1) expression of limited assurance on FINANCIAL STATEMENTS as a result of performing inquiry and analytic procedures (Review Report); (2) results of procedures performed (Agreed-Upon Procedures Report); (3) non-expression of opinion or any form of assurance on a presentation in the form of financial statements information that is the representation of management (Compilation Report); or (4) an opinion on an assertion made by management in accordance with the Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (Attestation Report). An accountants´ report does not result from the performance of an AUDIT. The Tax Account Review Service (TAR) service is designed to help taxpayers that need specific information about the status of their account with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Many taxpayers complain about receiving inconsistent or incomplete information from the IRS. This service provides taxpayers with clear and concise information about the status of their IRS account.

As part of our Tax Account Review, we provide a year-by-year break down detailing how much is owed for each particular tax year. Additionally, we detail the total amount owed, calculated 30 days into the future, with instructions on how to properly send payment to the IRS, in the event that you wish to fully pay your account balance. Many of our clients are actually surprised to learn they owe less money to the IRS then previously believed.

We also determine whether the IRS has the correct record of all your tax returns. Many taxpayers assume that just because they “filed” a tax return it was received and processed. Unfortunately, there are stories each year of tax returns being lost, not processed, or even stolen. If the IRS doesn’t show that a tax return was filed in their records then they could file one for you, which might result in a tax liability with the IRS.