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Improving your own personal net worth it is something that we all aspire to do, yet more and more of us just cannot attain this goal.

As a basic and generalized rule, one´s personal net worth comes down to one simple equation: assets minus liabilities. In order to calculate this, you must first be able to determine your assets, whether they are liquid, retirement, or fixed. Liquid assets are those from which you can easily obtain money. This is most easily exemplified by a checking or perhaps even a savings account. Fixed assets are those such as your car and your home. Retirement assets include any money in a 401K or an IRA. These types of long term investments will make for more solid retirement assets. Liabilities, on the other hand, are easily noted as what kind of money you owe. Home loans, credit card bills, and even car loans all fall into this category. Obviously, a major step to improving one´s own personal net worth is to make sure that your assets far exceed your liabilities.

Experts agree that in order to most effectively improve your own personal net worth, one must be able to identify and treat your financial situation as a business. Like all businesses, you certainly want to show a profit, both in the short term and in the future. We believe having a written plan will put you on track to a greater net worth in the future, possibly even doubling what you are currently on track to achieve.